Lemme get 2 mchickens and don’t forget the Thots! by TravQue



New commission chart with some sliiiiiiiiight adjustment in pricing, new stuff, and I’m still open to anything as usual. Mechs, anthros, monsters, weapons, pinups, you name it! Oh, and lewd stuff too. So have a special forewarning on that. But first. A small description of the categories listed above to choose from.

Sketches: Self explanatory enough. The basic unrefined sketching style.
Nothing but clean lines all throughout for this.
Black & White:
Sketching with a cross hatch shading style or a grayscaled variant as an alternative.
Colored Sketch:
A sketch rendered in color as opposed to grayscale. A little on he messy side compared to finished art.
Flat Color:
Flat colors ( color with no shading ) accompanied by clean lines.
Finished art with 2 different styles to choose from. Normal or black cel shading.
A basic rough animation. The price mainly depends on the amount of content drawn for each frame and how long it would take to finish. Mainly the more frames required, the more expensive the final product will be.

Note on hentai/R34 commissions:
Bear in mind that there are some things that I absolutely will not do. Stuff like guro, scat, yaoi, torture, etc. Basically uber-fetishy and overall mean spirited scenarios. Don’t let that intimidate you though. If you still have something in mind, feel free to discuss it with me and we’ll see where we’ll go from there. I’m always up for weird ideas :V

Thanks in advance to anyone willing to support my work. Every signal boost will be very much appreciated XD







imagine reading a book of all the lies you’ve told 

IDK what kind of lives you all are leading, but this sounds like the boringest shit. “Yes I sent that email.” “Yeah, I like your outfit.” “I was sick.” “My mom said no” “No I wasn’t crying.” “Yes I read the Terms of Service”

what about a book of all the lies people have told you

Oh how the tables have tabled

Tables have tabled